We have been manufacturing wheat flour and pasta since 1995.

We are located in the South of Ukraine, where the climate has a beneficial effect on the growth of wheat with high hardness, which is necessary to obtain high quality flour and pasta.

During its existence, we have built well-established production mechanisms, introduced Italian and Swiss technologies and equipment that allow us to implement high-tech processes for the production of flour and pasta.

This allows us to guarantee the high quality of our products and their successful sale.

Therefore, we are chosen not only in Ukraine, but also in the world.
Export makes up 40% of our sales to the following countries: Venezuela, Moldova, Palestine, South Korea, Denmark, Georgia, Lebanon.


16 000t. Includes: stone selection, separation from grain impurities, metal detector, dust aspiration


Equipment of the Swiss company “BUHLER” 100 t per day

Flour packing line “PAGLIERANI”

60 t per day

Two pasta production lines “BRAIBANTI”

55 t per day


120 studies per day


3550 sq.m.


flour trucks, grain trucks, tilt cars

Our rewards